Open Air Concerts at the Italian Embassy

Enjoying the Italian Summer in the heart of Berlin

July 30th, 2019
Giulia Mohammad Abdellatif, News from Berlin
20190730_Open Air Concerts.jpg

Italian musicians will perform in the courtyard of the Italian Embassy to Germany from August 19th to 30th.

Thanks to the cooperation between the Italian Institute for Culture and the Italian Embassy to Germany, it will be possible to enjoy the estate italiana by remaining in Berlin. For two weeks, starting from 8 pm, Italian artists will exhibit outdoor in six unique appointments.

The concerts distinguish themselves from the kind of music - classic symphonies as well as electronic sound will be played - and from the pieces that will be performed, concerning not only traditional and famous songs, such as "O sole mio" or "Volare", but also modern Italian music presented by the singer Violetta Zironi.

The event will give to its participants a variegated overview of the Italian music, by bringing a bit of the estate italiana, Italian summer,to Berlin.


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