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Nordic Tech Week 2018

Nordic tech event at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin

July 02nd, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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Nordic Tech Week brings the Nordics to Berlin to celebrate common ground within tech, 29-30 October at the «Nordische Botschaften».

‘We strongly believe that the link between Germany and the Nordics is strong but still undeveloped,’ with these few words the IKT-Norge has introduced the purpose underlying the big event which will be held at the Nordic Embassies on October 29th-30th. Together with IT&Telekomföretagen and IT-Branchen, the IKT-Norge is proud to present Nordic Tech Week 2018, in order to celebrate and strengthen the solid cooperation between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

The event will be the perfect opportunity to showcase the best that the Nordic Tech stage has to offer including a remarkable platform for emerging technologies. Participants will have the possibility to engage with Nordic start-ups, investors, international media, and relevant partners, thus becoming an important meeting point for anyone  interested in this field.

This year the event will focus on fintech and the future of money, edtech and the future of learning, healthtech and the future of health, sustainable innovation, and early stage investment.

Anyone who wants to join the Nordic experience and learn more about the event is invited to sign up here:

It is also possible to find further information at the following link:

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