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Nordic Living. "Contemporary Collected" no 3 Exhibition

September 12th, 2014
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News from Berlin – If your only link to Scandinavian design is IKEA, then it is high time you changed it! PLAY NORDIC (4th of July until 1st of October) features music, coffee and cultural exchange, in addition to being the festival of nordic design.

The exhibition, “Contemporary Collected” no. 3, curated by Katril Greiling, includes contemporary design of everyday objects from all five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The selection contains 100 objects, from unique, limited edition items, to mass productions.

The exhibition takes place in a large living room which contains the furniture and design pieces of young Nordic designers, as well as recognised artists and companies, such as Joachim Rasmussen's "Disc Mirror" or the lamps from Northern Lightning. Other objects are everyday life -tools, such as water bottles, wooden cutlery or chocolate popular in Norway Kvikk Lunsj.

During the exhibition, it is worth trying the freshly roasted coffee, from the best Nordic coffee distilleries in "Play Nordic Cafe". One should also pop into the "Do you read me?!" bookshop and the "Play Nordic" music store.

The exhibition was prepared with great support from the five Nordic embassies of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. Additional information and the entire program can be found on www.play-nordic.com, www.norwegen.no and www.nordischebotschaften.org

The exhibition is open daily, Mon-Fri 10am-7 pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm.

News from Berlin – Berlin Global

The French TV channel ARTE portrayed the two philosophers. François Caillat described in his movie the philosophical development of Foucault. The philosopher liked to neglect himself as just a philosopher, but rather an academic spanning several disciplines: psychologist, historian and sociologist. Virginie Linharts and Benoît Peeters presented the life of Derrida since his childhood in colonised Algeria, through his path as a philosopher, developing his famous concept of “deconstruction”.

Between the showing of the movies, Kathrin Röggla and Georg W. Bertraö will speak about their experiences of these two philosophers, the different approach to them in Germany and the political implications of their work.  The debate will be moderated by Dorian Astor, famous for his biography of Nietzsche.

News from Berlin – Berlin Global