Nordic Film Music Days - Berlin

A colorful event organized by the Nordic Embassies (Nordische Botschaften) in the German Capital

March 23rd, 2020
20200323_Nordic Film Music Days.jpg

The Nordic Film Music Days – in short: the NFMD – is an annual venue organized by the Nordic Embassies (the Danish, the Finnish, the Icelandic, the Norwegian and the Swedish Embassy) in Berlin. The event was held at the main building of the organization, which is located right beside one of the capital’s famous sights, the Tiergarten.

The occurrence lasted for two days, it happened on the 23rd and the 24th of February. On the guest list, there were more than 50 composers, representing each and every one of the countries who were amongst the organizers. As part of the event, the renowned HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award was presented as well.

The visitors were given a unique experience – the venue showcased movie screenings, pitch talks, seminars, informal discussion with the composers, etc. through which the guests were able to better cognize the complexity and distinctiveness of the Nordic cultures, focusing on the art of composing film music. Furthermore the guests were able to gain knowledge about how difficult it is to adjust a certain kind of melody to the general mood and ambience of a certain scene, and how wonderful music is, when it comes to expressing emotions and vibes through it.

On the first day of the event, movie screenings of the nominees from each country were held. The second day promised most of the excitement – the awards were given. The HARPA award was taken home by the Norwegian composer Gaute Storaas, for his soundtrack for Colin Nutley’s TV series ‘Bröllup, begravning och dop’.

Besides the solitary event itself, it highlighted something even more important, namely that how crucial the cooperation in the field of cultural diplomacy is between countries, and how immense the achievable results are. The collaborating countries would not have the chance to promote their cultures individually at such level, but through a joint organization they have reached different heights. During the assessment of the venue it becomes clear, that arts have a pivotal role in cultural diplomacy. Music has no language, no binding factors that would limit its capabilities, thus every attendant had the opportunity to interact with these somewhat distant cultures.


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