Nordic Embassies Unite at Vienna Pride 2024

A display of solidarity and support marked the Vienna Pride 2024 as embassies from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands came together to champion LGBTQIA+ rights

June 10th, 2024
Yevheniia Symakova, News from Berlin
20240610 Nordic Embassies.jpg

The streets of Vienna were filled with color and activity as the Nordic embassies took part in the annual Vienna Pride event. This year, the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch embassies participated under the banner of #DiplomatsforEquality, emphasizing their commitment to diversity, inclusion and equal rights for all, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Danish Embassy noted their participation in Vienna Pride, emphasizing that acceptance and inclusion are key values in Danish society. They highlighted the embassy’s ongoing commitment to promoting equality in both their professional and everyday activities. By participating in the event, the Danish representatives underscored their dedication to advocating for equal rights and celebrating the diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Swedish Embassy expressed similar views, affirming their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. They emphasized their commitment to justice, diversity and inclusion, advocating for collective efforts to protect the dignity and human rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals. The Swedish diplomats encouraged everyone to work together in creating inclusive societies where all individuals are treated equally.

The Norwegian Embassy contributed to the atmosphere at Vienna Pride, acknowledging the sunny day and the event’s collective spirit. With the message #StandUpforHumanRights, the Norwegian diplomats, alongside other Nordic representatives, participated in the festivities, promoting a message of human rights and inclusion for all.

The Dutch Embassy also used this occasion to reaffirm their commitment to LGBTQIA+ rights. Reflecting the sentiments of their Swedish counterparts, the Dutch representatives emphasized the importance of inclusivity and equal treatment for everyone in society. They participated in the event by joining in the activities, showing their support for the dignity and human rights of all individuals.

Vienna Pride 2024 served as both a celebration and a reminder of the ongoing efforts for equality and human rights. The involvement of these Nordic embassies underscored international solidarity in supporting LGBTQIA+ rights, presenting a unified stance against discrimination and inequality.


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