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Nicolas Balcazar: Travel Photography with a Twist

January 08th, 2014

Photographer Nicolas Balcazar’s Travel Photographs at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

The Berlin born and Peru raised photographer shows his distinctive photographs, inspired by his unique upbringing at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle.


News from Berlin. Nicolas Balcazar was born in Berlin in 1985 to a German mother and Peruvian Father, but grew up in his Father’s native country of Peru. This culturally unique upbringing has shaped his view of the world and his photography. Balcazar does not use his camera as a simple work tool, but as a medium to tell stories of different places and situations. His use of double lighting gives his photographs a celebrated air of melancholy. In his exhibition “15.000 t” the photographer captures the strange beauty of modern machinery in a way that is both intriguing and alluring.


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