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“From Tea to Tea” – Exhibition opened at the Asian Art Museum in Berlin

New exhibition highlights features of traditional Japanese culture

December 09th, 2014

A series of pencil drawings created by the artist Matthias Beckmann are now presented for the first time in the galleries “The art of the tea way” and the graphic Cabinet of the Asian Art Museum in Berlin. The exhibition shows the ephemeral art of the Japanese tea way and is open to visitors interested in the East-Asian culture until April 12th 2015.

Who is Matthias Beckmann?

Matthias Beckmann is known as a documentarist of public institutions, in particular of museums, galleries and artists’ studios. Some of his drawings are marked by sober minimalist lines. His personal glance unfolds not only a new perspective on well-known art works and spaces, but also shows an otherwise hidden side of everyday life to the visitor, such as the exhibition construction or the work at the restoration studio.

Beckmann's Tea Room Project

Between 2011 and 2014, he has repeatedly recorded the interaction between the participants during meetings held at the tea room of the museum. From formal tea ceremonies on teaching the art of tea to intimate small meetings, his drawings provide an insight into this traditional medium of communication and art contemplation.

This museum portrait is of particular documentary value as it will be presented within a few years in a new form in the Humboldt Forum at the Schlossplatz. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to view the museum’s permanent exhibition, which is dedicated to Buddhist art created in China, Japan, and Korea.

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