“Music Building Bridges”

RISE African House Music Open Air 2017 in Berlin

August 04th, 2017
Johanna Wohlfrom, News from Berlin
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On the basis of a rich culture, during the last years, young musicians from the townships of Cape Town and Johannesburg developed a new form of House music. This new form combines House and Techno from the European clubs with elements of traditional music. The club night RISE was the first party in Berlin which has specialized successfully in this particular sub-category of House music.

While House music spread throughout the world and may be synonymous with places like Ibiza or Miami, South Africa today is the biggest market per capita in the world! Once again this summer a day festival will take place on the SAGE Beach in Berlin where you can experience a lot on the dance floor but also next to it.

There will be a variety of dishes from the South African cuisine of Amandla, a small market with accessories and make-up of Freak de l’Afrique, AYE and O-Xum, a children’s playground and an information desk of the SAGE children’s hospital in Senegal. Besides, the admission charge amounts to 5 € and out of it 2€ will go to the SAGE hospital e.V.

The Sage Hospital is a hospital in Senegal, West Africa, located two hours South of Dakar. It was renovated, extended and provided with medical and technical equipment and human resources with the help of Sage Hospital e.V., a charitable organization founded in 2003.

Among the acts, the artist Hyenah will perform. He is the Afro House “artist of the year” on Traxsource in 2016. Another artist who will come up on stage and perform is Floyd Lavine, one of a new African generation. Based both in Berlin and in Cape Town he explores the bridges between Africa & Europe through music.

Under the slogan “Music connects cultures” organizers and artists of this event try to give an understanding of the South African culture through music and food. Furthermore other requests are to bring together the people, to build bridges and to overcome prejudices and barriers of languages.


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