“Mostly Happy – Finnish Art Today” Exhibition in Berlin

The exhibition will take place at Haus am Lützowplatz from June 7th to August 11th

July 17th, 2019
Greta Isola, News from Berlin
20190717_Mostly Happy.jpg

Being the winner of the World Happiness Report for two years in a row, Finland is consid-ered by many as an ideal, flawless nation. The exhibition goes beyond such vision of the country, exploring what lies beneath the surface.

Finland is widely considered as an emblem of citizens’ well-being, certainly influenced by the strong welfare state system, high social security, efficient public services and elevated salaries. As a matter of fact, Finland has been the highest ranking country in the world in the World Happiness Report in both 2018 and 2019. Nevertheless, such perception of Finland and of Finns often leads to issues affecting the country being brushed under the carpet.

The aim of the Finnish contemporary art exhibition “Mostly Happy - Finnish Art Today”, which will be held in Berlin, more precisely at Haus am Lützowplatz from June 7th to August 11th, is indeed of overcoming the common assumptions around Finland of it being an idyllic country. Such purpose is achieved by the artists exploring issues concerning one’s self image vis à vis external perception. The works of the artists participating to the exhibition are inspired by the history and the nature of their home country while being influenced to some extent by contemporary art from the rest of the world. The exhibition arguably aims at bringing a more concrete vision of issues affecting Finnish populace to Germany, and in so doing it is indirectly promoting cultural diplomacy, by fostering understanding of the country through art pieces that lead the observer to further investigate what goes beyond the unscathed image the rest of the world holds of Finland.

The exhibition was hosted by the Finnland Institute, which devotes to promote cultural dialogue between Finnland and Germany. The institute is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.


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