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Media sure! But secure

Deutsche Telekom teaches people competent and safe uses of new technologies

September 06th, 2018
Kristina Lindla, News from Berlin

New technologies and digitalization have changed how people communicate, stay informed and learn. This has created many new ways to participate in the society. However, there are certain skills that are needed in order to take advantage of those technologies.

It is one thing to know how to use new technologies, but it is also important to be aware of the risks associated with digital communication. Deutsche Telekom promotes media literacy among children, young people, and adults of all ages through diverse projects and initiatives in Germany and Europe.

Deutsche Telekom has created an initiative “Teachtoday” and website of the same name, which aims to answer questions regarding the value of personal data, the impact of social networks on the opinions of children and adolescents and the dangers associated with app purchases. “Teachtoday” is the platform where parents and educational staff can find important information and various materials for safe and competent media use, including hints and tricks to the dossier on privacy or the Media Competence Test.

Another focus of Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to greater media competency is data security. They offer practical advice on safe media use behavior in the online guide and magazine app “We care.”

In addition, Deutsche Telekom offers a free broadband connection to all general education schools throughout Germany through their Telekom@School infrastructure project. The company believes that in today’s society, Internet is the prerequisite for equal education opportunities.


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