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Markos Dolopikos’ ‘Megalopolis’ exhibition in Berlin

June 05th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The Greek photographer Markos Dolopikos presents his exhibition ‘Megalopolis’ in Berlin, which will last from June 14th until September 15th 2014. The exhibition will take place in Galerie Terzo Mondo. Berlin is ‘Megalopolis’ second stop and is part of the photographers’ series ‘Berlin, London, New York’.

The photographs depict Berlin in winter. More specifically, buildings and people are portrayed in everyday activities on a winter background. The word ‘megalopolis’ which is also the title of the exhibition means large/great city in Greek and the photographer presents ‘his big cities’ in two main sections.

The photographs of the first section have no reference to the actual place they depict. Dolopikos demonstrates only colours and shapes and leaves it to the audience’s imagination to picture the sizes and volume of the sites. In the second section the photographer goes deeper into the city’s interior. The dark and lifeless buildings become the epicenter of an appearance below drama where white, black and the size of the picture catch the eye of the audience.

Unlike the pop style of the first section, in the second section the camera conveys a number of denoted experiences. Berlin is a city that combines two worlds and this is apparent in Megalopolis. The two faces of this city that are disappearing day by day are apparent in Dolopikos’ work and the technique used in the photograph was chosen to bring to mind the noise of a big city during a busy day. The opening takes place  June 14th and is free for the public.

Finally, on June 21st and for a short period of time the photographer will present his work ‘Small Homelands’ (Μικρές Πατρίδες) in the Greek Community of Berlin (Hellenische Gemeinde zu Berlin- Griechisches Kulturzentrum). This exhibition includes black and white photographs depicting Greek everyday life in a course of three decades.

For more information visit: http://www.markosdolopikos.com/Works/Berlin/gallery.php

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