Macron and Merkel, could this really be it?

On Tuesday 22nd of January, 2019 France and Germany signed a new treaty to strengthen the relationship between the two nations

January 22nd, 2019
Amna Iqbal, News from Berlin
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As we all are aware of, Brexit has been very hectic. Well not for Germany or France of course, mainly for Britain. Germany and France seem to be getting stronger ties, whereas Britain’s relationship to the EU seems to be dying.

Although Britain needs to rush and make a plan regarding the future of the United Kingdom, it does not really stop Germany´s Chancellor, Angela Merkel or the French President, Emmanuel Macron to discuss the future of Europe. On Tuesday 22nd January, 2019, Macron and Merkel signed a new pact between France and Germany. This new treaty was signed in the German city of Aachen, exactly 56 years after the Elysée treaty which was signed by the two nations on the 22nd of, January in 1963.

Now you may wonder, what is this strong friendship all about, where Britain is totally being left out? Well firstly, it is an old friendship that is creating a stronger bond, and in the Case of Britain, sometimes taking time for oneself can be a good thing.

Now the core of the Elysée treaty was for Germany and France to get a better relationship with one another, especially in order to end centuries of rivalry. This is why the first treaty between the two nations focused on improving the relationship in terms of issues regarding the youth as well as defense related matters. The new treaty, however is only an improved version of the old one. The treaty signed between the two nations on Tuesday includes: more cooperation between the two states, deeper cooperation regarding foreign policy and external defense, as well as bring the education systems of the big cities like Paris and Berlin through development of mutual learning of the French and German language.

Now Britain better watch out, because this Franco-German tie is stronger than ever.


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