Maarja Kangro "Glass Child" – Book Presentation at the Embassy

The Embassy of Estonia cordially invites you and your companion to a book presentation: Maarja Kangro "Kind aus Glas"

May 17th, 2019
Jacob Klausen, News from Berlin
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Photo by Hebbel am Ufel

The publisher Annette Beger and the author Maarja Kangro talk about the novel.

Child From Glass is a relentless account of the loss of an unborn, long-awaited child in the context of political unrest in Ukraine and public debates in Estonia. Maarja Kangro addresses the themes of death, trauma, suffering and the "bitter" experience of humility before existence with grim, sarcastic humor. At the same time, she exposes the inner distress sensitively and with almost surgical precision.

Maarja Kangro, born 1973 in Tallinn, is one of the most convincing Estonian authors and poets of the 21st century. Her work, which has received numerous literary awards and recognition from the readership, expresses a complex and unmistakable perception of life. Kangro began her literary career as a translator (she translated among others Leopardi, Zanzotto, Agamben and Enzensberger) and as a writer of libretti for contemporary classical composers. Her poems and short stories have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Annette Berger, born in 1972 in Zurich, founded the Kommode Verlag in October 2010. The Kommode publishing house is an independent book publishing house for non-fiction book and fiction with seat in Zurich. The dresser stands for a multi-layered, creative concept.

7.00 pm on Monday, 3 June 2019, in the Estonian Embassy, Hildebrandstr. 5, 10785 Berlin, a. The email answer is requested: E-mail: or by phone: 030-25460602.


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