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Kurdish Film Festival in Berlin

Berlin is hosting the seventh Kurdish Film festival. It's the first and the largest film festival of this kind

June 19th, 2017
Esteban Blanchart, News from Berlin
2017_06_19 Kurdish Film Festival 2017.jpg

The festival in its uniqueness attracts more and more visitors every time. Not just Kurdish spectators, but also a lot of other Berlin-based audience. The program reflects the diversity of the Kurdish society, taking into account important cultural, political and artistic aspects.

Since 2002, the festival has been the world's most important meeting place for Kurdish filmmakers. They are bringing more and more important films to the screen, such as feature films like: "Memories On Stone" by Shawkat Amin Korki, which has been awarded as "Best International Film" in Antalya Film Festival, »Letter to the King«, which got an Amanda award for the best Screenplay and best supporting actress in Norwegian International Film Festival and »House Without a Rooftop”, a film about immigrant descendants and going back to their roots. The beginning of the festival was inaugurated with the film: “House Without a Rooftop.”

The festival is organized by the Mitosfilm in cooperation with Sprachenatelier Berlin and Duhok International Film Festival. The festival is definitely an opportunity for intercultural and even more intensive exchange between Germany and the Kurdish autonomous region of Kurdistan, located in the territories of Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

The seventh Kurdish film festival will take place from June 15th to 21th, mainly in Berlin's Babylon Mitte cinema, but also in other venues all over Berlin. Framework events such as panel discussions and other happenings were carefully implanted in to the artistic film programme. The impressive festival program consists of several feature films, documentaries and short films, concerts, seminars and workshops. Most themes were fuelled by crisis of armed conflicts and fights for freedom and peace, which are currently taking place in the Middle East. The festival is perfect for people who are interested in the Kurdish art and culture, which cannot be found in the everyday, mainstream media.


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