Khojai Genocide at QGallery Berlin

Exhibition dedicated to the 27th anniversary of Khojali Genocide was held at “QGallery Berlin”

February 28th, 2019
Paraskevi Stringa, News from Berlin
20190228_Khojai Genocide.jpg

Ambassador Ramin Hasanov and vice-rector of Azerbaijan State Academy of Art Mr.Azad Zeynalov delivered a speech and informed participants about Khojali Genocide. They noted that Khojaly tragedy will not be forgotten. Works of the painters and sculptors of the Academy dedicated to Khojali Genocide are presented at the Exhibition.

Two days before the exhibition a protest action was organized by Coordination Council of Azerbaijanis at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The protesters informed the citizens about the Khojaly massace committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis violating the 1949 Geneva convention and showed the facts with photos.

Protesters held the slogans ‘Justice for Khogaly!, ‘Freedom to Dilgam and Shahbaz!,”Stop the  Armenian Lies!” and “Stop Occupation”. During the rally, brochures about the Khojaly genocide and Armenian aggression were distributed to local residents.


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