Joan Miró in the Spanish Embassy

5 of Joan Miró’s pieces of art are on exhibition in several Spanish embassies in Europe, including Berlin since May 22nd 2019.

June 04th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190604_oan Miro.jpg

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs alongside with the Abertis and Joan Miró Foundation signed an agreement about the arrangement of the “Universe Miró”- a travelling exposition that will be visiting Spanish Embassies in Europe.

Among the countries which are expected to receive these works of art of the famous Spanish abstract painter, sculptor and ceramist are Rome, Berlin, Dublin, Brussels and Paris starting from March 15, 2019 in Rome and finishing January 15, 2020. It will visit Berlin as the second country and starts on May 22nd of 2019 3 paintings, such as Personnage, Oiseau I,II,III and 2 sculptures Femme, Oiseau and Femme, as well as the authentic photograph, making the exhibition a complete overview of the artists trajectory and most significant contributions to the artistic trends of 20th century. The aspiration that moved the accomplishment of such agreement and mobilization is the diplomatic attempt to spread the artist’s work above the Spanish boundaries and to show his most mature and concise work of his latest active years.

The exhibition is held for the eneral public and will be provided with guided visits and educational activities with the aim of giving the visitors a better understanding of artists work and perspectives as well as the meaning and motivation of his art pieces and his perspectives on his contemporaneous artistic trends. Thus, a wider spread of the artists collections will bring the comprehension of the innovations he brought to the avantgarde movements of the past century.


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