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Jewish Memories of World War One – An Exhibit

August 20th, 2014
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News from Berlin - In this day and age, many personal stories from World War One often go unnoticed. One of these stories is that of the Jewish population in Germany during the Great War. Paul von Hindenburg himself decorated Jewish soldiers with the Cross of Honor. Few remember the personal stories of these soldiers. Now, an exhibition is being held, hoping to fill just another memory gap.

Der Erste Weltkrieg in der Jüdischen Erinnerung – World War One as remembered by the Jewish population, is currently being held at the Jüdisches Museum (Libeskind-Bau UG, Rafael Roth Learning Center, Lindenstrasse 9-14, Kreuzberg) up to November 16th of this year. Visitors can lay their eyes on a true stream of consciousness from those years, looking at everyday life of the Jewish community during the war, both in the military as well as in civilian life.

Using a large collection of personal objects, such as letters, diaries, pictures and even commemoration medals, the exhibition presents us with a sample of what remains today of the Jewish people whose lives were changed so suddenly by the outbreak of the war. Besides everyday objects, the exhibition also features some outstanding artworks, like those of the Jewish artists and soldiers Hermann Struck, Jacob Steinhardt and Ernst Oppler.

Another asset of the exhibition is a conference, which will take place in English on September 4th at 19:30. During the gathering, the historian Tim Grady (University of Chester) will give a lecture on the forgotten Jewish soldiers of World War One. The exhibition can be visited every day between 10.00 and 20.00. On Monday it is even possible to stay until 22.00. More information about the exhibition in general, the items on display and the conference is to be found here.

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