Italian Spritz night held at Osthafen in Berlin to promote Italian culture

Interns of the ICD have attended an Italian cultural night based on Ita-lian food and drinks

August 12th, 2019
Greta Isola, News from Berlin
20190812_Italian Spritz night held at Osthafen.jpg

The event has been organised by the Italian, Berlin based Berlino Magazine and True Ita-lian, in order to offer a space for fellow Italians residing in Berlin to gather and appreciate the Italian Aperol Spritz drink and typical regional food

The event has been organised, following the Italian street food festival held in June, in order to allow Italian nationals living in Berlin to experience culture from their country here in Berlin. As a matter of fact, the entire event was based on the famous Italian drink Aperol Spritz, which is often extremely cheap in Italy, whereas it is more expensive in countries such as Germany. Thus, the Osthafen based event has offered participants Aperol Spritz for 3,50€ euros per glass, all night long. The event started at 4pm, and it lasted until 5am. The first part of the event took place until 10pm in the outside area, comprising an urban beach and presenting numerous food stalls selling Italian typical street food and delicacies. The second part of the festival was held indoors, where a nightclub environment was set up and DJs played through the night. Guests also had the opportunity to witness fireworks at 10pm.

The event has been a prime example of cultural diplomacy here in Berlin, as Italian and German nationals, among others, had the chance to explore Italian cuisine and drinks, and to delve into a traditional Italian environment, as most of the participants and the organises were Italian themselves.

Entrance to the event costed 3€ for the entire night.


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