Italian Embassy holds electronic Music perfor-mance by Black Fanfare

The Institute of Italian Culture in Berlin and the Italian Embassy spon-sored the solo-project by Italian artist Demetrio Castellucci

August 21st, 2019
Greta Isola, News from Berlin
20190821_Italian Embassy holds.jpg

The event took place on August 19th in the gardens of the Italian Embassy, suppor-ting acts to the main artist include Marta De Pascalis and Davide Luciani. The con-cert began at 8pm.

The Italian embassy to Germany has been, throughout the past week, sponsoring different kinds of Italian music here in Berlin. The Black Fanfare performance is a prime example of such sponsoring activity. As a matter of fact, the project by the solo artist Demetrio Castellucci is an extremely innovative one, as it merges elector-acoustic melodic sounds with percussive rhythms, making his style quite a characteristic one.

The event was also very interesting due to the fact that such original music was played in the gardens of the Italian Embassy, which is an extremely interesting location for an electronic music performance. Overall, such event has been a cultural diplomacy event in the heart of Berlin, skilful in promoting Italian culture by taking advantage of the prominence of electronic music in the city, while highlighting the Italian heritage of the artists performing at the event.


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