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Islamic Week

March 14th, 2014

News from Berlin. Interreligious dialogue is a term that is becoming increasingly common in newspapers and magazines, among policy makers and officials. It is considered a very useful  for bringing the Middle East and the West closer together; to show that we’re not all that different. The fourteenth edition of the Islamic Week at the Rote Rathaus - from March 19 until March 21 -  intends to initiate a dialog between people of various religions in Berlin. In other words, the goal is a dialog between people of different cultures living together in one city, in Berlin. Various themes such as religion, society and history will be discussed in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, away from the city’s busy day-to-day life. Activities include lectures, panel discussions and small concerts. Speakers include politicians, scientists, artists, church people, journalists and, of course, people from the muslim community. It is the perfect event to learn more about Islam, to get to know this rich culture from within.

The Islamic Week is organised in the context of the International Week Against Racism, and is organised by IBMUS and Islamic Relief Deutschland. For more information, go to www.islamwoche-berlin.de (website in German).

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News from Berlin