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Islamic Theology to be Taught at German Universities

May 09th, 2014

News from Berlin –  For a long time in Germany, Muslim associations have asked to have Islam available to study at university the same way Christianity has been studied for centuries through theology classes.

There are different views on how and by whom students should be instructed in Islamic theology.

Their lobbying paid off but the approach to the study of Islam will be a scientific one which is  only one fringe of what associations wished for.

Another topic that has been discussed is whether Sharia should be considered a judicial system and instructed as such or not. The associations are divided between progressive associations who wish to teach Islam as a tolerant religion that is not automatically linked with Sharia law and conservatives who abide by Sharia law and consider it as fully part of Islam.

It has been four years since the German Science council recommended to set up courses on Islamic theology in German universities. It is now being taught in a dozen universities including Nuremberg-Erlangen, Frankfurt and Muenster.

This initiative shows how Germany has been trying to assimilate its different communities ever since the reunification through cultural exchange.

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