Irish Friday Club - Berlin

An interesting series of cultural events organized by the Embassy of Ireland

April 02nd, 2020
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Under the name of “Irish Friday Club” the Embassy of Ireland in Berlin organizes a series of events, which offers an excellent opportunity both for the Irish commune in Germany, and for the foreigners, who are interested, to get closer to and connect with the Irish culture and to gain some knowledge about this special country and the talented citizens it has.

Dancing - one of the most powerful way of expressing emotions, feelings, thoughts, and furthermore, it is also one of the most efficient methods of preserving and showcasing a country’s culture. On Friday, the 6th of March, every attendant had the opportunity to see, why the aforementioned statements are everlasting.

For the latest venue, the Embassy of Ireland invited the renowned contemporary choreographer and dance performer, Marguerite Donlon, who happens to be a citizen of Berlin for more than a decade now. She was born in Ireland and her childhood was marked by traditional Irish dance. Working together with influential choreographers gave her a steady footing in the world of dance. During her time as a ballet director and house choreographer at the Saarländisches Staatstheater from 2001 to 2013, she founded “iMove”, a highly motived and successful youth dance company comprising of 24 young people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds with little or no dance background.

During her work as a choreographer Marguerite said, that she has always tried to get back to her roots, and to involve some of the traditional Irish steps in her dance style. The usage of this technique gives the audience a perfect example of how the art of dancing can mix various cultures in one single performance, whilst keeping the uniqueness of all of them.

As part of the event, Marguerite gave a speech on her career, which was filled with emotions, honesty, and goodwill. After the discourse, there was plenty of time for networking and to have a nice breakfast.

All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity after which everyone felt involved in Ireland’s culture.


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