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International Literature Festival in Berlin

The Festival will provide a stage for famous poets and writers worldwide to foster knowledge and passion for literature

August 29th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, News from Berlin
For 10 days, from the 6th until the 16th of September, Berlin will host the International Literature Festival focused on the promotion of knowledge and art as expression, including writers that come from all over the world. Most of the exhibitions will take place on the Berliner Festspiele, but other locations are interested also.

Since it was the 2001 the most attended event for book lovers has taken place in Berlin. This event puts together all the best writers in the landscape of prose and poetry. People that want to join the warm atmosphere created by books, can also have the opportunity to get closer to their favourite writers, once a year.

Indeed, all the guests are expected to read selections from their books, reading in their mother tongue, while an interpreter offers a translation in the German language, simultaneosly. The manifestation includes different sections that display various themes, such as: International Children’s and Youth Literature, Literature of the World, Reflections, Speak and Memory, Science and the Humanities and Specials.
All of these sections could be appreciated by readers, as they are organised including a diverse selection of contents and principal themes. Due to this diversity, the exhibitions are aimed to everybody and through an original approach that children could enjoy a real multicultural environment where the guests share values and feeling in a very comfortable context of mutual exchange.

In the framework of this event, literature offers a meaningful tool in order to spread emotions and involve people regardless of the place they come from, bridging different traditions and cultures in a neutral field that fosters knowledge, culture and art as expressions of the diverse identities of human beings.


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