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Intercultural Youth Exchange

June 17th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The organization Youths for Understanding works towards establishing and deepen the intercultural understanding and for young Europeans to recognize their social responsibilities.

News from Berlin - Youths for Understanding (YFU), arranges on the 27th of June, the annual Young European´s seminar (YES) in Berlin. The participants will be around 500 students who have ended their year of the exchange program with YFU. The YFU will raise awareness about the importance in taking social responsibilities as European citizens. The students, all coming from different backgrounds in regard of religious, political, social and cultural aspects will be given the opportunity to develop their identity as young Europeans.

Founded in 1957, YFU is a non-profit organization working in the field of global intercultural youth exchange, with partners in 50 different countries all over the world. The organization is a platform for intercultural understanding and education by offering young people the opportunity to experience other and gain new perspectives through studies abroad. YFU aims to increase the sense of acceptance of a common social responsibility as European citizens for the youths. Every year the YFU sends about 1,200 German students abroad and brings about 600 young people from other countries to Germany. The basic idea of the organization is that the possibility to be studying abroad not should be dependent on the youths financial situation. Therefore YFU grants scholarships to young people and their families. YFU is also involved in the Parliamentary Youth Exchange Program, a scholarship program launched by a collaboration between the German and U.S. Governments. The organization is to a great extend run by former exchange students and host parents who are voluntarily engaged in the cause.


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