InfoAbend sessions on post-Brexit Situation for British Citizens

Special Events hosted to create trustful platforms for information and support across Germany

February 06th, 2019
Alessandra Angeloni, News from Berlin
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Germany organizes a series of Infoabend evenings events across different German cities to create discussion platforms addressed specifically to British citizens living and working in the European Union. The aim is to safeguard the rights of British nationals in Europe and to create a place for discussion, sharing opinions and concerns that British citizens will face post-Brexit. Germany is aware of the relevant importance of the British community in its national territory, precisely referring to the upcoming UK-Germany intercultural, economic and political relationships.

Through the organization of the events, Germany provides a platform where professional speakers are invited to answer various questions from British citizens. Considering the specific aim of the initiative, the event is mainly addressed to British citizens.

A previous session was held already on January 31 at the Academie der Schönsten Künste in Stuttgart. The upcoming session will be hosted on February 13th 18:00 – 20:00 in Cologne at the St. George’s – the British international school.

The iInfoabend session in Stuttgart offered a talk with the commercial lawyer John Hammond (CMS). Hammond previously worked with companies addressing issues relate to future cross-border relations. At the session in Stuttgart he provided an overview of the legal perspective related to current and after Brexit situation. The general introduction was followed by Q&A.

The upcoming session in Cologne will focus on the concerns of the British citizens and it represents a unique opportunity to better understand and making tangible of the processes and situation after-Brexit.


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