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Impro Jazz in Berlin: Marie Takahashi and Antonio Aiello to promote a new concept of sound

On 28th of October a concert will take place in Berlin and it fosters mutual exchange among artists in an original way

November 20th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, News from Berlin

La BettoLab is located in Okerstrasse and for years it represents a hub for musicians and talented performers that want to share their knowledge and passion for music and art in a meaningful mix that promotes a new approach to sound and jazz as well.

Impro Jazz represents a new way of meaning sound, so musicians are called to perform together even though they never do it before. LaBettoLab, as long as it fosters this collaborations, is about to host Antonio Aiello who is a double bass player and a famous violist Marie Takahashi, in a duo that promises to be one of the most remarkable associations ever in Jazz environment.

Antonio Aiello is an Italian writer, actor, dancer and one of the most talented musician of double bass. He performed with artists from the London Improving Orchestra, he joins the Ars Fidelis of Paris and the Berlin Impro Jazz Orchestra.
Marie Takahashi is a Japanese modern and baroque violist. She studied in Japan, France and Hungary and she got the Master of music: Baroque viola.

Both artists will perform in a Duo that represents an experimental blend that combines art, sounds and passion in a multicultural environment. The event is aimed to everybody: music lovers, musicians, artists or just curious people as well would surely appreciate the atmosphere that is going to be as long as cultural differences are fused in an interesting setting.


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