Iberoamerican Music hosted by Spain’s Embassy

On Saturday the 15th of October, the Spanish Embassy is hosting a concert at Berlin’s Concert Hall with music from the Spanish speaking world.

September 23rd, 2022
Maria Asklund, News from Berlin
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As part of their work with cultural diplomacy, the Spanish Embassy is presenting a concert with Iberoamerican music. Taking place at the famous Berlin Concert Hall on the Gendarmenmarkt, it will feature music from Cuba, Argentina, Colombia and Spain. The evening focuses on contemporary music from the 21st century.

The composers whose music will be played are Leo Brouwer, Astor Piazzolla, Catalina Rudera and Manuel Moreno Buendia. Furthermore, Mercedes Diaz Garcia will be the leader of the concert. In addition, the Rungholt Ensemble from Hamburg is part of the concert, as well as artists from South America. The musicians are the following: Jorge Herrera Santander from Peru, as well as the Peruvian-German duo Lux Nova. In the light of cultural diplomacy in Berlin, Germans, Spaniards and South Americans can thus enjoy art from another continent in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world.

This cross-cultural concert is happening with the cooperation between the Spanish Embassy, EUNIC Berlin and the Ibero-American Network for cultural diplomacy. According to the programme of cultural events by the Spanish Embassy, this concert is part of a series of important events held throughout the year. As the Spanish Ambassador Ricardo Martínez writes, the pandemic taught us that we cannot live without culture. After long times of confinement, we now value the importance of concerts and exhibitions so much more. In addition, Ambassador Martínez connects shared cultural experiences to the importance of reinforcing democracy. In times of war, culture invites us to take a stand and speak out against violence. By doing so, we reinforce values of democracy and liberty.

In this sense, the Spanish Embassy wants to work strongly with culture and arts. Equally as important, by hosting events such as this concert, the Embassy wishes to invite the audience to exchange with each other and begin a dialogue, as well take a stance against all forms of violence, as well as stand for solidarity with its victims.


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