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Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut in Berlin Discusses the Social Impact of the World Cup in Brazil

May 12th, 2014
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News from Berlin - For those interested in the sociological aspect of big celebrations like the Olympic Games, there is an opportunity to get closer to this today at the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut in Berlin. Today at 7pm Dr. Dawid Danilo Bartelt will be interviewed about the social impact that the next World Cup, which starts in one month, might cause on Brazilian society.

Dr. Bartelt, from Germany, studied Social Sciences and History at the universities of Hamburg, Berlin and Recife, in Brazil. He has published several articles about political activity in Latin America, especially about Brazil. In 2002 he started to work at the German Department of International Amnesty. Eight years later Dr. Bartelt became the Director of the Heinrich-Boll Foundation in Rio.

Recently he has published the book ‘Kein Brot, aber Spiele', which shows the current situation in Brazil from a realistic point of view. Dr. Bartelt criticizes the political structure because according to him, they would rather invest money on those events instead of on the basic needs of the Brazilian people. In the summer of 2016 Brazil will host the Olympic Games. Speculation, spectacle and transformation of the society will be the most relevant topics Dr. Bartelt will discuss. The interview will be held in German. More information please visit: http://www.iai.spk-berlin.de/no_cache/veranstaltungen/veranstaltungsprogramm/veranstaltung/737.html.

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