histoCON 2022

It’s time for the history festival

September 07th, 2022
Maria Asklund, News from Berlin
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histoCON 2022 summons international youth to Berlin to reflect on history and the future. The international history festival for young people from the whole globe invites discussion and exchange on topics of history and memory. This year, it takes place from the 7th until the 10th of September and the motto is “Look back, think ahead”.

The opening ceremony of this year’s festival is on the 7th of September at 7pm at the Alte Münze, on Molkenmarkt 2. It will be followed by three days of workshops, artistic input and possibilities for the participants to explore Berlin’s history. In fact, 250 people between the ages of 18 and 30 from 72 countries will be present, as well as 70 workshop hosts.

The festival will commence with opening words by Juliane Seifert of the BMI, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community. In addition, the Ukrainian historian Dr. Kateryna Yeremieieva will speak, as well as the South-Sudanese human rights activist Kathia Nixon Hakim Iskail, who will discuss how the Russian offensive war on Ukraine affects South Sudan. Finally, the Ukrainian rapper alyona alyona, whose powerful rap shatters stereotypes about women, will perform.

The international event will thus be held in English. If one wishes to participate in the starting event on Wednesday, one can email interest to In addition, there is a possibility to contact participants or workshop hosts for an interview or portrait. For those who cannot attend in Berlin, the opening and closing events will be screened online on

The workshops themselves will focus on the following topics; how do different countries and regions regard history? What similarities and differences are there? Who has the ability to tell stories? Subsequently, the workshops give participants the opportunity to reflect on these questions. More specifically, the workshops have different topics; the discussion on nuclear reinforcements, artistic and creative dealings with history. and the question of unheard voices in the process of Indian independence. Furthermore, there will be a historic detective game.

Lastly, the histoCON is organised by the BPB, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, and is sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office. More information, the programme and the workshop program can be found on the following link:


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