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Gundi’s 60th Birthday at Berlin DDR Museum

Next Tuesday, the DDR Museum is going to celebrate Gerhard Gunderman’s 60th Birthday with a Concert by the STEINLANDPIRATEN

February 10th, 2015
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Gerhard Rüdiger Gundermann was a rock musician, who was famous in East Germany during the communist years. His lyrics were rife with social commentary and often were melancholic. After the reunification, he became an icon for all those who were feeling disenfranchised. His songs were the means to give power to a generation that were to be lost.

Gerhard Gundermann, mostly known by the name Guandi, comes to mind firstly as a digger operator and rock musician. He made his first appearance in 1986 and merely a year later, he won the grand prize and a recording contract in the East German national song contest.

After the fall of the wall, he wanted to have a seat in the Volkskammer, but was unsuccessful. He had an ascetic lifestyle, avoiding drugs, alcohol or even smoking – habits that are always connected with musicians. Despite that, he was a workaholic. He continued working as an operator for a giant excavator even after his musical success. He worried that his music would eventually lose its authenticity if it were to become his sole way of living.

His songs had the most influence on one specific generation. As they held a mirror up to the brokenness after the reunification, all those who were lost could easily associate with the messages in his songs.

On February 21st he would have been 60 years old. To honor this occasion, the STEINLANDPIRATEN – Patti Heidrich and Karsten Schützler are going to hold a concert. They have found some non-published work of Guandi, which will be presented. Also at the event, Sören Marotz will read some of his “Zwischentexte”: short stories. All are welcome at DDR Visitor Center on February 17th. Admission is free.

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