“GET together in Berlin”

An event hosted by the Nordic Embassies to connect emerging film makers

January 23rd, 2019
Federica Caliò, News from Berlin
20190123_GET together in Berlin.jpg

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin, with the partnership of Screen Talent Europe and Filmværkstedet / København, will organize the event, with the purpose to create a network between young film makers.

This will be an important opportunity for emerging film makers to go to a film festival maybe for the first time, to create a network, benefit and understand the possibilities of Screen Talent Europe better, and to look at future projects such as Galway 2020, the German-Danish Reunion Jubilee in 2020.

The partners Screen Talent Europe and  Filmværkstedet / København are two organizations that promote co-operation among European film workshops, media centres and institutions with the goal of developing emerging talents.

The event will take place in the Nordic Embassies in Berlin (Raushstrasse 1) and it will start at 1.30 pm with the Screening and a presentation of talent works, followed at 2.30 pm by a meeting at the reception with speeches, DJ, lounging and much more!


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