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Germany’s Attracting More and More Foreign Students

July 17th, 2014
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News from Berlin – Recent figures show record number of students from abroad enrolled in German universities. Half of them, more than expected, are staying after graduation, the Education Ministry and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) added. With these numbers Germany now counts as the third major recipient country after the USA and the United Kingdom.

Whereas ten years ago the number of international students was around 246.000, it increased to 300.000 this year. This significant change in numbers was commented by high officials of the German higher educational sphere. "Excellent education needs international exchange and the basis for that are universities which are open to the world and in which everyone from professors to administrators to students provides a welcoming environment”, Johanna Wanka, Education Minister said. According to DAAD President Margret Wintermantel, "The international attractiveness of higher education and research locations is measured by how many foreign students are attracted to a country. The fact that so many of them remain shows that Germany is attractive for talent from around the world."

What does Germany have to offer that attracts so many young people to the country? Among the reasons are high quality education in the engineering field and the wide range of different master’s programs; cheaper costs of living and affordable tuition fees even for non-EU applicants. Some cities, like Berlin, are aware of the financial contributions made by incoming students and thank them in advance. The city provides €50 in “welcome money” to students registering a local address for the first time.  

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