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Germany Keen to Invest in Iranís Tourism Industry

Heike Brehmer expressed Germanyís readiness to invest during a meeting in Tehran

April 21st, 2015

A meeting was held Tehran last week, between Iran’s Cultural Heritage Tourism & Handicrafts Organization ‘Masud Soltanifar’ and chairperson of the German Federal Parliament Tourism Committee, Heike Brehmer. There, he headed a four-member delegation in discussing future investments of Germany in the Iranian tourism sector.  

In the meeting, Brehmer stressed the importance of tourism in playing a role to increase positive relationships between Iran and the rest of the world. Currently in Iran, there are huge efforts being made to eliminate all barriers to tourism; the things preventing foreign tourists from travelling there. Furthermore, Soltanifar outlined that a strategy for more efficient handling of visa issues is being planned. This will ease the process of obtaining visas and hopefully will increase the tourist flow in the country.

Another section of future development is the creating of new facilities for hosting tourists. This include improvements of hotels’ qualities, building new ones, repairing infrastructure.

The delegation also visited some historical locations in Iran like the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz. Brehmer stated that tourist attractions are interesting for tourists, and especially from a German perspective, and therefore it is of high importance to improve the relations between Iran and potential tourists.

The delegation met a group of German tourists in Shiraz who were satisfied with their vacation in Iran, which served to enhance the message of the Brehmner’s trip. In Germany, tourism is seen as important industry with over a million people having a job related to the sector. Tourism has potential as a strategy for development and entrepreneurship, and for this reason is very important in international relations. 

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