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Germany and Mongolia to Strengthen Relations

July 17th, 2014
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News from Berlin-Germany and Mongolia plan on increasing their cooperation in education and culture. German Foreign Minister Steinmaier visited Mongolia last weekend and was welcomed with traditional Mongolian welcome gifts such as a blue scarf and a bowl of Mongolian dry cottage cheese. Together with his Mongolian counterpart Luvsanvandan Bold, Steinmeier celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the German-Mongolian relations.

"We visitors from Germany," said Steinmeier, "come during a joint press conference in any event, with great respect and appreciation for the progress in transformation in recent years. We are impressed by the power of civil society and patient stability of the political leaders on this path of modernization. "

Germany and Mongolia plan to expand their collaborations in the coming years even in the fields of culture and education. The strengthening in the field of education will already take place this year where in September the bachelor's degree programs “Mineral Resources Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Engineering” will be offered at the German-Mongolian Academy of raw materials and technology.

In the area of ​​archaeology Germany also wants to continue to work with Mongolia, especially in the study of medieval Mongolian capital Karakorum to help German scientists. Friederike Fless, president of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and Tsedevdama Dyungerel, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, signed a letter of intent for the construction of an open air museum in Karakorum.

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