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German Universities and Companies Want to Attract More Foreign Students

May 19th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Germany is looking for professionals in technical and scientific professions. Universities and companies now want to systematically recruit students from abroad. The National STEM Forum of Business and Science encourages young people to support in attracting foreign students.

German companies are currently missing around 110,600 workers in the STEM fields of mathematics , computer sciences , natural sciences and technology - 50,400 of which with academic and vocational qualifications, says Axel Plünnecke from the Institute of German Economy in Cologne . In 2005, these figures had still been "significantly lower „.

The claim is, that the internationalization strategies in STEM subjects are "to focus heavily on current higher education ". The Forum promotesa :  new scholarship that helps much like the student loans requiring STEM students from abroad.

The program to attract more young professionals to Germany will not stop at education programs. There will be various opportunities for young people -  not only to attract them, but to give them permanent employment in Germany, because the earlier and stronger  people are bound to a new country , the higher the chance is that they will remain even after graduation .

"The prosperity of the whole country is at stake ," said Ellen Walther- Klaus , coordinator of the STEM Forum, to the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". The Forum therefore recommend a "hard-hitting campaign" under the leadership of the Federation.

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