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German- Singaporean Festival of Lights in Berlin: an Emotional Storytelling Experience

Over 2 million visitors ready for 13th edition of a light art project

August 07th, 2017
Inez Ponder, News from Berlin
2017_08_07 German- Singaporean Festival of Lights.jpg

Berlin is consistently full of amazing events celebrating the diversity of cultures, religions and languages. As one excellent example, starting on 6th October, people from all over the world will have an opportunity to participate in one of the best-known light events in the world.

This year the festival is to be held on from 6th until 15th October on the façade of the building of the Singapore Embassy, located at Potsdamer Platz. The overall topic of the contest is “Creating Tomorrow” and it aims to connect people and places, as well as technology. Artists and creatives from all over the world have an opportunity to take part in this amazing event and demonstrate their views and talents. The organizers want them to show a mix of German and Singaporean spirit and prove how relevant the multiculturalism is nowadays.

Ten finalists with the best attributions will be chosen by the official jury, and then will be able to present their artworks. Everyone has chance to be a part of this multicultural occurrence. With almost two billion media contacts it is one of the most unique and successful events created in the capital of Germany. It seems to be a great occasion to celebrate a connection between two countries including several cultures and habits. Visitors have an opportunity to vote for their favorites motives in the flesh and online as well.

The contest turns Berlin into a wonderful, glowing world once a year. It is a great occasion to celebrate diversity in so many aspects and chance to learn more about many different cultural communitie communities.


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