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German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst Remembers the Ending of the Second World War

May 08th, 2014
German Russian Commemoration 8.May.jpg

News from Berlin - The German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst is holding a special day on May 8th for the remembrance of the end of the Second World War in Europe with key representation by the USA.

In honour of this, the Museum is remembering the historical occasion of the unconditional surrender that took place during the night between the 8th and 9th of May in 1945 within the premises of the Museum today. This year the Museum is creating a small tradition as it remembers a country that played a part in ending the war. This time it will be the United States of America. The Museum wants their visitors to understand the meaning of the Second World War not just for the Soviet Union/Russian Federation but also for the USA as well as how these two countries experienced it, how they suffered and how they remember it today.

The programme of the day includes various elements and activities. For instance, US-produced films about the Second World War will be shown, such as on the occasions of Pearl Harbour and D-Day in Normandy. A ceremonial welcome for the guests as well as a commemoration and a depositing of a wreath will also play crucial parts during the event. In addition, there will be a panel discussion on how the USA experienced the Second World War and how they remember it today as well as a concert by the The United States Air Forces in Europe Band.

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