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German Research Institutions Raise Ecuadorian Interest for Cooperation

October 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The director of the University Yachay Tech of Ecuador, Dr. Fernando Albericio is visiting Germany in order to observe exchange between German and Ecuadorian academic institutions.

On October 14th, Mr Albericio visited the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK), where Professor Holger Kohl lectures. Dr Kohl stated the importance of the scientific research conducted at the institute and its role in the productive model for the national economy. He put special focus on the international cooperation of the IPK with institutes that work on innovation. This is proven by its presence in almost all the federal states of Brazil. After the meeting, there was an agreement that a German professor would visit Ecuador to define the guidelines of a cooperative work.

Dr. Albericio and Dr Vicente Benito Gil, Vice-director of International and Institutional Relations of Yachay Tech, visited the Institute for Solid State Physics at the Technical University of Berlin (TU), where Professor Reitzenstein showcased their laboratories and explained their research focuses concerning chemistry and nanotechnology. Likewise, interest for further collaboration was shown.

The day before, Dr Albericio and Dr. Benito Gil visited the Institut Frauhofer UMSICHT, for the fields of environmental technology, security and energy. The purpose of this trip was to establish a specific collaboration in which the University of Yachay Tech and other Ecuadorian institutions of research will be involved. This forms part of the strategy of the Ecuadorian government to focus the economic development of the country on the appropriation and democratization of knowledge through international cooperation and exchange.

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