Georgian Ambassador’s Visit to Upper Austria

Upper Austria hosted a diplomatic visit as Georgian Ambassador Ketevan Tsikhelashvili engaged with regional leaders to explore and expand bilateral cooperation

May 31st, 2024
Yevheniia Symakova, News from Berlin
20240531 Georgian Ambassadors.jpg

On May 27, the Georgian Ambassador to Austria, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili, conducted a working visit to the state of Upper Austria. The visit aimed to enhance cooperation between Georgia and Austria through discussions with key regional leaders.

During her visit, Ambassador Tsikhelashvili met with Mag. Thomas Stelzer, the Governor of Upper Austria, Klaus Luger, the Mayor of Linz, and Dr. Robert Leitner, the Head of the Department for Economic Policy and Foreign Trade at the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce. These meetings aimed to explore and expand the collaborative efforts between the two regions.

In her discussion with Governor Thomas Stelzer, Ambassador Tsikhelashvili explored prospects for collaboration in trade, economy, tourism, education and culture. They also examined opportunities for regional and city partnerships, emphasizing the importance of these connections in fostering stronger ties between Georgia and Austria.

A key aspect of the visit was the meeting with Mayor Klaus Luger, during which Ambassador Tsikhelashvili proposed a sister city partnership between Linz and Kutaisi. Georgia’s second-largest city and an important economic, transportation, educational and cultural center, Kutaisi can gain from the shared experiences and practices of Linz, a city recognized for its industrial base and vibrant cultural scene. The discussions also addressed potential areas of future cooperation, particularly in economic development, tourism, education and cultural exchanges.

The meeting with Dr. Robert Leitner of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce focused on the economic similarities and parallels between Georgia and Upper Austria. These economic discussions are expected to create opportunities for increased trade and investment. Both regions can leverage their strengths, with Upper Austria’s advanced industrial sector complementing Georgia’s strategic position as a gateway between Europe and Asia. Both sides expressed their readiness to continue and deepen their collaboration, highlighting the potential for mutual benefits from such partnerships.

Ambassador Tsikhelashvili’s visit to Upper Austria is part of a broader strategy to strengthen Georgia’s international relationships. By focusing on specific sectors such as trade, tourism and education, Georgia aims to leverage these partnerships to foster economic growth and cultural exchange.

The visit by Ambassador Tsikhelashvili in Upper Austria marks a positive step forward in the bilateral relations between Georgia and Austria, promising a future of shared growth and prosperity not only for the regions directly involved but also for the broader international arena.


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