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Gelato Festival Comes to Berlin

The 6th edition of the Gelato Festival will pass through Berlin

June 13th, 2016
Beatriz Nunes, News from Berlin

Gelato Festival, an Italian concept, is the biggest global event in the gelato-making field. It is a touring festival, that goes around in Italy, and then in Europe, visiting nine different cities over a period of five months. This year it will pass through Berlin, from the 7th to the 10th of July.

The 6th edition of Gelato Festival began in April (21-25), in Florence, before heading to Parma (28 April 1 May), Rome (5-15 May), Naples (19-22), Turin (26-29 May), Milan (2-12 June), London (24 June 3 July), Berlin (7-10 July), Valencia (15-24 July). The event will return to Florence to conclude (1-4 September). Highlights include three food trucks, created just for the festival: a workshop, an events area, and a tasting venue.

This summer festival is also a European competition, searching for the best Italian and foreign ice cream makers. The idea is for the creators to bring their own flavours, especially if the flavours were created especially for the festival. The panel of judges consists of members of the public, who decide on the winner of each individual stage (one winner per city), before deciding upon a Europe-wide winner during the final stage of the festival.

The Gelato Festival promotes interaction with the public, and encourages everyone to take part in the panel of public judges. To get involved, one merely has to buy the gelato card. This card can be bought at the festival, or in advance and it allows the user to sample all eight flavours of gelato in the competition, plus six other original ice cream flavours offered by the sponsors (not participating in the competition). The card also gives access to the festival's special events.

Unique flavours that have won in previous years (and that can be tasted at this year’s festival) are: Nutella; Pernigotti, Cookies the Original; Cookies Black; and Buontalenti (cream-based flavour).

In Berlin, the Gelato Festival will take place between the 7th and the 10th of July, in the Arena Berlin. For more information, one can access the site:


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