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Galerie Michael Janssen Presents a New Exhibition

Visit the Petersburger Saloon Exhibition from June 30th through August 4th

July 01st, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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Berlin is known as a city of contemporary art with artists embracing all mediums, including photography, painting, sculpture, installation, music, film, and literature. It is no surprise that talented artists from all over the world bring part of their culture and history into this multicultural city. Galerie Michael Janssen will celebrate the summer with its Petersburger Saloon exhibition, which will highlight the special artistic approach of the best Russian art reproducers in the world.

Evgeni, Semjon, and Michail Posin are three Russian brothers and artists considered by many to be the best art reproducers in the world. They relocated to Berlin more than thirty years ago. Since then, they have gained international celebrity for their work, which has managed to mix artifacts from Antiquity and sacred Russian icons with some of the greatest examples of landscape and portraiture painting from the last five hundred years within Western Europe.

Regardless of whether they are painting a Vermeer, a Rembrandt, or a da Vinci, the trio begins each of their works with in-depth research about the artists, their techniques, and the historical contexts in which the artworks were made. They are known to travel to major museums, like the world renowned Louvre, to visit the originals in person (a practice captured in Anke Rebbert’s Die Meisterfälscher aus Neukölln, a 2014 documentary about the brothers). Their dedication is all in the service of best understanding their source material and capturing the spirit of the original — a quality that defines their work ethic and overall creative philosophy.

The exhibition will be held in the Galerie Michael Janssen on Potsdamer Str. 63, Berlin, from Friday, June 29th through August 4th.


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