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From Berlin to Copenhagen by Bike

A journey across the wonders of nature, from the green of the German forests up to the blue of the Baltic Sea

July 25th, 2016
Valentina De Gregorio, News from Berlin

The author, Federico Meda, talks about the 13 stages which link the German capital with the Danish one, through one of the most popular and covered bike lines of Europe.

On sale from the beginning of July 2016 by Ediciclo Editore, Berlin-Copenhagen by Bike is not a simple tour guide: besides a detailed description of the whole roadmap, it includes also bright pictures and curious stories. In fact, as Federico says, “just reporting about museums or culinary traditions could be too repetitive and less interesting, so I decided to focus entirely on the cycle street”.

The 630 km of bike line are rather easy to go through: they look flat and far from car traffic. The path, well-marked and characterised by lots of places to eat and sleep, crosses the beautiful Müritz National Park and the German region which hosts it, the Danish Møn Island and its wooden houses along the white beaches of fine sand, and still, limestone cliffs and small villages. It feels like leaving immediately!

Federico says to have faced this project with enthusiasm and curiosity: “I suddenly fell in love with smells. The German forests are wonderful for the nose as well as the Danish islands, between salt air and cornfields”. He admits to be satisfied of the result, because “[the guide] reflects a lot of passions of my life: the history and my being a bit flaneur, wandering, carried by instinct and intuitions. Let’s hope the reader would like this not classic approach!


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