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French-German Friendship

Adenauer-De Gaulle Award for Vocational Schools in Kehl

November 30th, 2017
Jonathan Heuser, News from Berlin
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Vocational schools in Kehl function as bridge-builder in order to deepen the French-German friendship and cultural cooperation. In numbers: Last year 345 Young French and Germans successfully completed their cross-border vocational education.

According to the jury, this is a tremendous effort to prepare and enthuse young people for the ongoing development of Europe. In line with this the statement of Nathalie Loiseau, French Minister for European Affairs, and Michael Roth, German Minister for State in the Foreign Ministry these schools serve as: “an outstanding contribution to the French-German friendship and to the platform for a better Europe.”

The schools in Kehl, located in the south-western part of Germany where the western line of the city also forms the French-German national border brings German and French apprentices together in the vocational schools. Practically the exchange gives German apprentices the possibility to improve their French skills and by doing that to profit from the mobility in the urban area in the city Strasbourg directly across the border in France. Vice versa the young French people can complete their vocational education at the schools in Kehl.

This initiative is not only an effort for French-German international understanding: The schools bring together young people from all over the globe, considering that one third of the student body has neither a German nor a French background. According to Minister Roth the schools succeeded in the challenge of enabling young people with diverse backgrounds to live and work together. Core practices of cultural diplomacy language, education are contributing here in the name of a deep bilateral cooperation and friendship.

The Adenauer-De Gaulle award has been established to honor initiatives, persons or institutions and their efforts for the manifestation of the French-German friendship. The jury shall represent the French-German plurality and therefore it consists of personalities from the fields of politics, media, culture, science and economy from both countries. The award was founded in 1988 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Elysee contract and is valued with 10.000 Euro.


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