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French Film Night

February 03rd, 2014

De Bon Matin

In continuation of the Institut Francaisí efforts to bring French culture to Berlin, the institute hosts a film night bringing the very best of Francophone cinema.

20140203 - de-bon-matin.jpg

De Bon Matin (photo: parismatch.com)

News from Berlin. Paul Wertret, is a 50-year-old man turns up punctually every day to his job at a large, international bank. One day he goes to a meeting room, pulls out a gun and shoots two of his work superiors. Afterwards he goes into his office and considers the moments in his life, above all the events, which have led to him doing this.

“A French masterpiece”

Original version with German subtitles.

Entry: 3 Euros – 7pm.

Venue: Institut français Berlin, Salle Boris Vian, 4th floor, Kurfürstendamm 211, 10719 Berlin

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