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Franco before the Court: Movie Premiere and Podium Discussion

Massimo Osanna, DG of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, will host a conference in the Embassy of Italy in BerlinSpain is at the focus of international justice at the new event of the Spanish Embassy in Berlin

October 09th, 2018
Rikard Berisha, News from Berlin
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The Spanish embassy organizes on the 16th of October a unique event focused on the crimes and horrors of the fascist Franco Regime in Spain. The movie and discussion are an example of the ``Erinnerungskultur`` or the “culture of remembering” the crimes of dictatorial regimes in the past.

Franco before the court is a new documentary movie from Lucia Palacios and Dietmar Post. The movie shows the horrors of the coup d’etat, the war and the following dictatorship of Franco.

Until today, 43 years after the end of Franco’s dictatorship, nobody has been prosecuted or punished for the systematic atrocities of the regime. The movie illuminates a forgotten part of the European history by showing the ``argentinian lawsuit`` in its historical and legal context and discussing if the ``argentinian lawsuit`` could become a new ``Spanish Nurnberg.``

After the movie there will be a discussion about the problem of coping with the past as part of the ``Erinnerungskultur.`` Many prominent people and high officials directly related to questions of the Franco regime will be taking part in the event.

mong others we can mention Carlos Castresana, the general prosecutor of Spain‘s highest court, and Fernando Martinez, the general director of the department for historical remembrance of Spain’s Ministry of Justice.

There will be a simultaneous German-Spanish translation of the discussion. The event will take place at Babylon Kino at Rosa-­Luxemburg‐Straße 30, Berlin. Tickets have to be bought in advance.


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