Franco-Armenian Concert Celebrates Charles Aznavour's Legacy

In a tribute to the French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour, the French and Armenian embassies united to commemorate what would have been his 100th birthday with a concert at Vienna’s Theater Akzent

May 28th, 2024
Yevheniia Symakova, News from Berlin
20240528 Franco-Armenian Concert.jpg

The French and Armenian embassies in Vienna came together to honor the legendary Charles Aznavour on the evening of May 23, 2024. Marking what would have been his centennial birthday, the concert celebrated one of the greatest figures in French music and a symbol of the enduring friendship between France and Armenia.

Under the direction of Wolfgang Sturm, some of Vienna’s most esteemed artists took to the stage at the Theater Akzent. The event, moderated by the Austro-Hungarian pianist and composer Béla Korény, recounted the life of Aznavour through questions and anecdotes. Aznavour’s journey from the son of Armenian immigrants who left their homeland following the 1915 genocide to becoming a global music icon was highlighted, showing his profound impact on French music.

Renowned mezzo-soprano Stella Grigoryan from Armenia and the distinguished Austrian actor Karl Markovics performed some of Aznavour’s most beloved songs. Their multilingual interpretations in French, German, and English engaged the audience, bringing Aznavour’s musical legacy to life.

Following the concert, a reception at the French embassy featured speeches from Frédéric Joureau, the French Chargé d’affaires, and Armen Papikyan, the Armenian Ambassador to Austria. They emphasized the deep-rooted Franco-Armenian friendship and celebrated the 32nd anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations in 2024.

In his address, Joureau highlighted Aznavour’s significance as a representative figure of immigrant artists who shaped French music. He acknowledged Aznavour for his advocacy of the French language and his spirit of resilience, underscoring his role in promoting cultural integration and enrichment.

Ambassador Papikyan spoke about the symbolic nature of the joint celebration, noting how Aznavour represented the strong ties between Armenia and France. He reflected on Aznavour’s life and career as evidence of the lasting bond and mutual respect between the two countries.

The event was attended by numerous Austrian officials, ambassadors based in Vienna, cultural figures and members of the Armenian and French communities in Austria. The evening served as a reminder of Aznavour’s legacy and the cultural connection he established between France and Armenia.

Aznavour's contributions to music and his dedication to humanitarian causes continue to be influential. This tribute in Vienna highlighted his enduring impact on both nations and the broader international community.


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