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Formula E Berlin ePrix Date Announced

World's first fully-electric racing cars will drive through Berlin in May

February 04th, 2015
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Organisers of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Formula E Championship have announced that the 2015 Formula E Berlin ePrix will take place on May 23rd 2015. The Berlin ePrix competition will be held on a custom-made circuit within the 'Apron’ section of the former airport in Tempelhof. Tickets prices and additional details such as the layout of the racing circuit, will be announced towards the end of this month.

Initially the race was supposed to take place one week later. The reason for the move in time was to allow more time between race competitions after the introduction of the new 10th host city – the Moscow. Now there will be a two-week gap between the Berlin race and following Moscow race.

Formula E is a new championship of a single-seat racing cars and the first electric racing series in the world. The inaugural season started in Beijing in September last year and will be running until June 2015. The competitions will take place in 10 of the world's major cities. 10 teams are present in the championship, each of them has two drivers. Races are held in temporary circuits situated in the city centres thus creating a unique contest formed to appeal to a younger generation of motor sport fans.

Formula E also strives to represent a futuristic vision of the motor industry. It hopes that it can serve as a inspiration for research and development in the sphere of the personal electric transportation. It can also boost overall interest in electric cars and promote a clean energy and sustainability.

The second season of Formula E is planned to operate as an 'open championship'. Meaning that individual teams and manufacturers will have the chance to show their own approach in the field of electrical energy innovations. The FIA will set the technical specifications, then the teams will aim their efforts on improvement of engines and batteries. The overall aim is to translate these innovations into the ordinary electric vehicle market. The championship is a combination of engineering, technology, sport, science, design and entertainment. The next Formula E race is planned to start on March 14 in Miami. The remaining five rounds will be held in Long Beach, Monaco, Berlin, Moscow and London.

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