Food Festival - Good Culture from all over the World Arrives in Berlin

From the 3rd to 9th October Berlin hosts a food festival that is more than just for pleasure or a gourmet mile. Experience the taste of different cultures in Berlin!

October 06th, 2022
Amanda Santi Aguilar, News from Berlin
20221006_Food Festival.jpg

During this food festival, not only will there be different types of foods from different countries, but there will also be talks about the different cuisines as well as information about how to make them, through labs.

The founder of this festival is Tip Berlin and they have arranged this event in various different cities, now bringing it to the German capital! They view gastronomy as a part of urban culture and urban development which sparked the idea for the festival.

Berlin is a city of food production. From artisan bakers in the neighbourhood to tofu production in the neo-founder's Food Lab. Founders have the chance to present themselves and their food at the food market and bring beer and pastries as well as spirits with history and sustainable future food.


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