Fixing Food: The role of the Mediterranean Diet in Food Sustainability

The Italian embassy in Berlin hosts a conference to promote the Mediterranean diet for health and environmental reasons

June 05th, 2019
Rodolfo Fabbri, News from Berlin
20190605_Fixing Food.jpg

Fixing food is the name of the conference which will be hosted on Thursday, June 6th by the Italian embassy in Berlin [Hiroshimastrasse 1] at 3.30 pm. The conference will be held in English at the presence of H.E. Amb. Luigi Mattiolo.

The theme is particularly interesting, since Italy, besides being almost unanimously considered the home of the most tasty and renowned food, is also one of the nations with the highest life expectancy in the world. This is linked to the traditional "Mediterranean diet", characterized by its variety and by the importance of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, the conference will focus on the environmental impact of the Mediterranean diet. In fact, it appears to be decidedly more ecological than the more resource-intensive ones because it tends to use seasonal products that can be found nearby, without resorting to expensive and polluted transports and preservatives for food.

In addition to the Ambassador, other guests such as the Euro-Med Centre for Climate Change director Riccardo Valentini and Barilla's vice president Paolo Barilla will be present. Barilla is one of the leading Italian food companies that is always committed to promoting the Mediterranean diet through the "Barilla Foundation".


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