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Expo: 1914: Das Ende der Belle Epoque

March 20th, 2014

News from Berlin. This year marks the centennial anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Subsequently, 1914 was the year in which a lot of things ended. One of those things was Jugendstil, the world famous 19th century art style. This exposition portrays the turbulent transition of the 19th to the 20th century, with all its contradictions and breaks with the past. Back in those times, and much like it is today, Berlin was an important cultural hub in Europe so the transition could be both felt and seen in everyday life. Needless to say, this had its impact on the art produced as well.

The exposition takes place from May 15 until August 31 at the Bröhan museum in the Schloßstraße, at the Berlin Schloß Charlottenburg. Tickets cost 8 EUR.

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News from Berlin.